Month: April 2015


Kitchen furnitures Trends

1. Television technology is changing to that sets will be even lighter and more portable. This development will just hasten the spread of video products through every room in the house.

2. Cutlery products enjoyed strong growth throughout 1983, and there’s no reason to believe the trend won’t continue. High-quality, well-designed knives are the best bets.

Kitchen furnitures Trends02

3. Thin wall clocks, featuring quartz technology and strong fashion colors are gaining momentum.

4. Microwave oven cookware has benefited from the continuing grwoth of microwave ovens. There are a variety of materials although specially-formulated plastics and glass seem to be the mose popular. Plastic cookware producers are upgrading cosmetic features.

Kitchen furnitures Trends03

5. It seems as though all microwave ovens are selling well. The under-the-cabinet units, introduced a few years ago, are experiencing tremendous growth. In years past, top-of-the-line units dominated sales, but the promotions business has grown rapidly.

6. There’s been plenty of experimentation with stove technology, but it hasn’t resulted in major changes in buving patterns. Down-draft cooking, which allows barbecue heating without smoke, is expensive but is making headway.

7. Window treatments, such as these shutters, that control heat and light coming into a room are becoming more common-place. Adapted from European energy-saving applications, these items are popular because American consumers still feel that conservation is important.

8. Butcher block tables have been a steady success story. Retail distribution is broadening and a wider audience has been found. Consumers are showing a preference for natural wood throughout the home and butcher block has benefited.

9. Breuer chairs have enjoyed tremendous success during the past few years. While the original wicker chair is being widely distributed and discounted, upholstered units provide consumers with a little more sophisticated look.

10. Kitchen rugs provide a colorful fashion accent. Bright primaries coordinate with the placements and towels to make the kitchen the brightest room in the house.

11. One manufacturer introduced an under-the-cabinet coffeemaker last year and it has been such a success many similar units will be introduced this year by others. By 1985, the category may experience tremendous growth.

Kitchen furnitures Trends03

12. Can openers are moving off the counter and under-the-cabinet. Consumers are buying all the units that can be produced, and production will be greatly expanded in next few years.

13. Electronic controls, durable construction and improved performance are features manufacturers are striving for in dishwashers. Makers are investing heavily to produce higher-quality units.

14. Side-by-side door refrigerators are gaining favor. The units are more expensive than freezer-on-the-top units and have more features, such as water dispenser and ice cream maker.

15. Gumbo pots as large as 60 quarts are beginning to turn up at stores outside Louisiana as interest in Cajun cooking grows. Could become broad-based trend as Italian, Chinese and Tex-Mex were.